Monday, 23 December 2013

My favourite song

A video clip that caught my attention

Title of video: World's roundest object

content:It is about how the worlds roundest object defines the kilogram.

What I learnt from this video:
1) Kilogram used to be called grave.
2) The creator of grave was Lavoisier
3)The kilogram is the only base unit with a prefix in its name

Places I like to go in Singapore

Changi beach : I like to go there because the beach is one of the cleanest and i have a lot of fun there.
Jcube : I go there to meet up with my old primary school friends and thus is one of my most popular places i go.
The chevrons: I love to go there and bowl especially since its one of the cheapest bowling centres!
Turf city: I go there a lot to take part in many different soccer tournaments.
Henry Park Primary School: Its the place i started school and i made many friends there!

About me (I)

My name is Joshua Yeow. I would like you to associate me as a ...


I would prefer you to mainly address me as Joshua. I mostly enjoy to play soccer and i mainly spend my free time to read or to play the computer.

I am quite talkative at times but when i meet new friends i am quite shy and timid. I am quite reckless when i am angry but i try hard to keep my cool. I am kind and friendly to friends who treat me well.